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お客様の評価一覧 -ティラキタ

お客様の評価一覧 -ティラキタ

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お客様の評価一覧 -ティラキタ
お客様の評価一覧 -ティラキタのヘッダ インド雑貨 アジアン雑貨 ティラキタへ インド雑貨 アジアン雑貨 ティラキタへ

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タイダイストライプワンピース - ネイビー系 2680送料無料 I was a bit worried as the price is low but the dying is beautiful and the material is of high quality. It is thin but perfect for summer weather.
値段が安いので少し心配でしたが、染まりが綺麗で素材も上質です。 薄手ですが夏の天候にとてもいいです。
[アソート]インドやアジアの布・はぎれ 0 Very pretty blue pattern and large enough to make a new mask for these times when we need mask material. I was very happy with the quality and color.
マンゴースライス 缶詰 【425g】 250 Very nice for a breakfast side or an afternoon snack. Also nice on a piece of toast or alongside a dish of vanilla ice cream. Very refreshing.
【オーガニック】ひよこ豆 缶詰 - Garbanzo Beans 【425g】 アリサン 380 I prefer the S&W brand but these were the only ones available. They work well in hummas, and since cheaper, I don't feel bad about blending them to paste. Flavor is good.
ホワイトビーンズ 缶詰 - White Beans 【425g】 S&W 270 These are good in vegetable casseroles, one dish pasta, tomato, zucchini recipes. They take on the flavor of whatever spices, sauces you are using.
黒目豆Chawla Black-eyed peas【1kgパック】 760
タグ:ダール 黒目豆 Chawla 
These were smaller than the usual black-eyed peas I have used, but the flavor is the same. Great side dish for pork chops, fried chicken. Or you can just eat them with vegetables for good protein source.
キドニー ビーンズ 缶詰 - Red Kidney Beans 【432g】 S&W 270 Three bean salads, chili, minestrone soup...their uses are innumerable. S&W brand is packed in a light fluid, so draining is not necessary for soups.
ブラック ビーンズ 缶詰 - Black Beans 【425g】 S&W 270 Use these in Mexican dishes, salads, soups. S&W quality is better than other brands. If you cannot find refried beans these work as a great substitute in burritos or fajitas.
【オーガニック】赤レンズ豆 - Red Lentil 【500g】 690 Wonderful in vegetable soups and as lentil soup itself. Product quality is always top notch and better price than in local stores.
ひよこ豆 缶詰 - Garbanzo Beans 【439g】 S&W 300 Love S&W quality. Other brands may be a bit cheaper but this brand always delivers good product in good packaging. Useful in many dishes or ground for hummus.

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